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Appointments are now possible from the comfort of your own home. For your convenience and optimal social distancing podiatry needs, you can now schedule a virtual (telehealth) appointment with one of our foot and ankle specialists. In order to, you will need access to a device with a camera (like a smartphone, laptop with a built in camera, or an external webcam). If your next scheduled appointment can be held via telehealth, you will be notified via an e-mail and text message. For new foot and ankle concerns, we encourage you to use telehealth as an option as a first step to seeing your medical professional.

Being seen from home allows us to keep the number of staff and patients to a minimum in our office. If telehealth does not meet your needs please discuss this when you call to when you call to schedule.

Why use telehealth? We are able to prescribe, assess, and recommend treatment plans for many common problems and you don’t even have to leave your couch. Our office hours are limited currently, and the waiting room is closed. Why wait in your car when you can skip the wait time and be seen from home?